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    BERGAMO FILM MEETING 33rd EDITION / 7-15.03.15
    BERGAMO FILM MEETING 33rd EDITION / 7-15.03.15
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    33rd Edition / 7-15 March 2015

    On the occasion of its 33rd edition (7-15 March 2015), Bergamo Film Meeting-International Film Festival will present an incredibly rich and varied programme, featuring about 120 films of national and international production.
    Bergamo Film Meeting will present a full-length film competition section, along with documentaries, retrospectives, previews, masterpieces and tributes to legends of the past, recent productions, art exhibitions and installations, special events for schools, animation films, labs and workshops, lectures, Q&As with filmmakers, and much more.
    A precious opportunity to meet people, to network with film professionals, to research cinema, and – last but not least – to have fun, Bergamo Film Meeting is among the most awaited cultural initiatives in town and a crucial event in the Italian Festival calendar.


    Bergamo Film Meeting was the recipient of two prizes at Festival of Festivals, organised by the national cultural event association, which once again proves the Festival’s commitment to innovation and cultural change: BFM won the Best Sponsorship/Partnership Award, awarded to a project in collaboration with Elav Independent Brewery, and the Best Book/Catalogue Award.



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    BERGAMO FILM MEETING 33rd EDITION / 7-15.03.15