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    The project Talk with the Artist establishes a dialogue between secondary school students and artists in order to deepen the knowledge of the contemporary art world and to develop a connection between Art History and contemporary artistic practice.

    A first meeting investigates the transition from the canonical languages of art to the new experimental ones.
    As a further step, the artists engage in dialogue with the students on the artistic research offering the opportunity to have a dynamic insight on it.
    Lastly, the students take part in a guided tour or a studio visit, actively exerting the skills acquired.

    Since 2015, 33 artists participated in the project – Mariella Bettineschi, Mario Cresci, Alessandro Roma, Serena Vestrucci, DZT Collective, Cleo Fariselli, Ferrario Frères, Diego Marcon, Ornaghi e Prestinari, Francesco Pedrini, Alice Ronchi, Filippo Berta, Christian Fogarolli – and 11 schools became part of a wide network bringing more than a thousand children between the ages of 11 and 19 to approach Contemporary Art.

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