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    Matteo Olivero Award
    Matteo Olivero Award
    [=== Matteo = Olivero ==== Award ==]

    The Prize is dedicated to Matteo Olivero, divisionist italian painter born in 1879 in Pratorotondo di Acceglio, and died in 1932 in Saluzzo.
    The Prize defines itself as a relevant event in the context of start/saluzzo arte, which purpose is to improve the territory through art and artists.

    From 2018 the Award is organized by The Blank Contemporary Art, together with the Amleto Bertoni Foundation and JoBonobo, with the artistic direction of Stefano Raimondi.

    The last two winners have been the New York based duo composed by Mark Barrow (1982) and Sarah Parke (1981), and Santiago Reyes Villaveces (Bogotá, Colombia 1986), artist selected by Eugenio Viola. To declare the winning project of the 2018 edition were involved Eva Fabbris (art historian and curator at Fondazione Prada, Milan), and Leah Pires (writer and curator based in USA). Part of the 2019 jury were Chrissie Iles (curator of Whitney Museum, New York) and Nicola Ricciardi (Director of OGR, Turin). For the edition 2020, the winning artist is Veit Laurent Kurz (Erbach, 1985). He has been nominated by Caterina Molteni. To declare it a jury enriched by Marianna Vecellio (curator of Castello di Rivoli, Turin) and Ruba Katrib (curator of MoMA PS1, New York).

    Premio Matteo Olivero 40th edition
    Premio Matteo Olivero 40th edition

    Photo credits: Nadia Pugliese


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    The winning project, Analemma, was presented by Mark Barrow (1982) e Sarah Parke (1981) and is still exhibited inside the Cappella Cavassa, a Renaissance room inserted in the cloister of the convent of San Giovanni, Saluzzo.

    The 40th edition of Matteo Olivero Award invited through a public call both Italian and foreigners artists, without limits of age or medium, to realise a personal exhibition on the topic Remembering memory.

    The number of the projects perceived is 336. To judge them has been a jury composed by:

    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art and Artistic Director of ArtVerona
    Eva Fabbris, art historian and curator of Fondazione Prada di Milano
    Leah Pires, art writer and curator
    Roberto Giordana, vice president of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni

    Premio Matteo Olivero 41th edition
    Premio Matteo Olivero 41th edition

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    The 41th edition of the Prize has been the first one on invitation basis.

    The winning project, Harp, was proposed by the Columbian artist Santiago Reyes Villaveces (1986), nominated by Eugenio Viola.
    The artwork is still exhibited inside the Sacristy of the Church of Sant’Ignazio, Saluzzo.

    The international advisor that selected the artists has been:

    Lorenzo Balbi, Michael Bank Christoffersen, Andrew Berardini, Ginevra Bria, Andrea Bruciati, Emily Butler, Domenico De Chirico, Julia Draganovic, Fredi Fishli, Sara Fumagalli, Georgia Horn, Denis Isaia, Ellen Kapanadze, Lara Khaldi, Sam Korman, Luca Lo Pinto, Simone Menegoi, Bernardo Mosqueira, Alberta Romano, Sona Stepanyan, Marianna Vecellio, Saverio Verini, Eugenio Viola, Xiaoyu Weng.

    The artists selected for the 41th edition has been:

    Paola Angelini, Riccardo Arena, Mehraneh Atashi, Ruth Beraha, Luca Bertolo, Bruno Botella, Benji Boyadgian, Dachal Choi, Fabrizio Cotognini, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Anne De Boer, Aria Dean, Paul Eastwood, Farhad Farzali, Francesco Gennari, Oscar Giaconia, Corinna Gosmaro, Ayrson Heraclito, Jacob&Manila, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Andre Komatsu, Phanos Kyriacou, Leigh Ledare, Isaac Lythgoe, Andrea Mastrovito, Luca Monterastelli, Jade Montserrat, Sveta Mordovskaya, Ebechova Muslimovam Oren Pinhassi, Gala Porras Kim, Carlos Reyes, Santiago Reyes Villaveces, Adam Stamp, Jennifer Taylor, Rebecca Topakian, Nicola Verlato, Jan Vorisek, Jakub Woynarowski, Zapruder, Davide Zucco.

    The jury that judged the project perceived was composed by:

    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art and Artistic Director of ArtVerona
    Chrissie Iles, Curator of the Whitney Museum of New York
    Nicola Ricciardi, Director of OGR, Turin
    Roberto Giordana, Vice General Director of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni

    Premio Matteo Olivero 42nd EDITION
    Premio Matteo Olivero 42nd EDITION

    Photo credits: Chiara Bruno

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    The German artist Veit Laurent Kurz is the winner of the 42° edition of the Matteo Olivero Prize. His project has been realized in the Room “de Foix”, inside Casa Cavassa (Saluzzo, Piedmont).

    To give the Award has been an international jury composed by:

    Marianna Vecellio, Curator of Castello di Rivoli, Turin,
    Ruba Katrib, Curator of MoMA PS1, New York,
    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art, Artistic Director of ArtVerona,
    Roberto Giordana, Vicepresident of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo (Piedmont),
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni.

    Caterina Molteni nominated the winning artist.

    The artists selected are: Rosa Aiello, Olì Bonzanigo, Alfonso Borragán, Guendalina Cerruti, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Keren Cytter, Louis De Belle, Violet Dennison, Sarah Entwistle, Irene Fenara, Miguel Fernández de Castro, Anna Franceschini, Emily Jones, Veit Laurent Kurz, Sonia Leimer, Hanne Lippard, Marcovinicio, Silvia Mariotti, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Edoardo Piermattei, Giuliana Rosso, Gabriel Rico, Oscar Santillan, Lise Stoufflet, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Alice Visentin, Kennedy Yanko, Italo Zuffi.

    They have been selected by: Ilaria Bonacossa (Director of Artissima, Turin), Michele Bonuomo (Director of the magazine «Arte»), Elisa Carollo (Art consultant), Irene Sofia Comi (Independent curator and art critic), Laura Copelin (Ballroom Marfa’s Executive Director & Curator), Alfredo Cramerotti (Director MOSTYN, Wales), Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (Teacher of Art History at Accademia di Brera, Milan, Art critic and Independent curator), Matilde Galletti (Art historian, art critic, curator), Matteo Ghidoni (Architect and publisher), Antonio Grulli (Art critic and independent curator), Laura Lecce (Buyer for the section Design+Art of the group Yoox Net-A-Porter), Caterina Molteni (Independent curator), Hanne Mugas (Director Kunsthall Stavanger), Andrea Neustein (Independent curator), Letizia Ragaglia (Director of Museion, Bolzano), Maria Chiara Valacchi (Founder of Cabinet, Milan), Benjamin Weil (Artistic Director Centro Botín, Santander).

    Premio Matteo Olivero 43rd EDITION
    Premio Matteo Olivero 43rd EDITION

    Photo credit: Giuseppe D’Anna

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    Roberto Pugliese is the winner of the 43rd edition of the Matteo Olivero Award with the project Sinestesia Eco.

    The jury was composed by:
    Ilaria Bonacossa, director since 2017 of Artissima – International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin;
    Alessandro Rabottini, art critic, curator and artistic director of the In Between Art Film Foundation; Arturo Demaria, advisor of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation;
    Roberto Giordana, vice general director of the Cassa di Risparmio of Cuneo;
    Stefano Raimondi, curator of the Prize, since 2010 director of The Blank Contemporary Art and artistic director since 2020 of ArtVerona.

    The work, a sound installation that will be placed on the facade of the new Study Centre on Historic Keyboards in Saluzzo, will create a harmonious dialogue between the contents and instruments inside the Study Centre and the external architecture, transforming the building into a model of a Musical Palace. Sinestesia Eco, as the soundbox of the Study Centre’s composition activities, will create a dialogue between past and present, combining the classical musical tradition with contemporary electronic experimentation. The visual and auditory nature of the work will be capable of interacting with and involving the community of the area and of being at the same time the driving force behind a cultural pathway that the city of Saluzzo has activated through the Matteo Olivero Award.

    The jury also gave two special mentions to Raffaela Naldi Rossano and Eugenio Tibaldi. Since the high quality of all the projects presented, the jury want to thank the artists and advisors who took part in the Award.

    The 27 finalists of the Award were nominated by prestigious international advisors: Jessica Bianchera (art historian, independent curator and project manager, artistic director of Spazio Cordis and president of Urbs Picta), Daniele De Luigi (curator of Fondazione Modena Arti Visive), Sara Dolfi Agostini (curator of Blitz Valletta, Malta), Rossella Farinotti (contemporary art and film critic), Ilaria Gianni (co-founder of Magic Lantern Film Festival), Lucrezia Longobardi (art critic and independent curator), Matteo Lucchetti (curator and writer), Lorenzo Madaro (contemporary art curator and lecturer in History of Art and Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce), Angel Moya Garcia (critic and curator, he is responsible for the programming of the Mattatoio, Rome), Claudio Musso (art critic, independent curator, lecturer at the Accademia G. Carrara di Belle Arti di Bergamo), Domenico Quaranta (contemporary art critic, curator and lecturer), Silvia Salvati (curator at MADRE Museum, Naples), Valentina Tanni (art historian, curator and lecturer), Francesco Tenaglia (journalist and artistic director of the exhibition space Sgomento Zurigo, Zurich), Alessandra Troncone (art historian, curator and co-artistic director of Underneath the Arches).

    The selection process, this year aimed at promoting and supporting Italian artists and those resident in Italy, has nominated Filippo Berta, Letizia Calori, Lucia Cristiani, Daniele D’Acquisto, Giuseppe De Mattia, Antonio Della Guardia, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Binta Diaw, Christian Fogarolli, Ettore Favini, Riccardo Giacconi, Alberto Gianfreda, Norma Jeane, Mariangela Levita and Domenico Crisci, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Alek O., Parasite 2.0 and Ludovica Galletta, Donato Piccolo, Roberto Pugliese, Margherita Raso, Marinella Senatore, Michele Spanghero, Marco Strappato, Eugenio Tibaldi, Gian Maria Tosatti.

    © THE BLANK 2021
    Matteo Olivero Award