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    Elisa Muscatelli – How would you describe your artistic practice to an audience encountering it for the first time?

    Gabriele De Santis – Flying by Jesse Novack | Instrumental track

    EM – A harlequin riding a Williamsburg, spaghetti and basil in soccer shoes, Greek columns on wheels, but also takes on stances like all fasci are shit. How did your artistic vision come about?

    GD – FloriDada by Animal Collective

    Child (of limousines)
    What’s the best place (That you have seen)
    All of the hands (That you have shook)
    Home of the queen (of everything fancy)
    Is there a smell (That you can tell)
    Gives you some peace (sends you to hell)
    All of the beds (That you have yearned)
    Is there a dream to (where you’d return)
    Where is the plight (With the most stars)
    Where do you drink (By Echo guitars)
    What’s the best shore (Seen from a boat)
    Miniature heads that (colour the shoreline)
    If you could rest (A minute to tell)
    Get me some grass (Iridescent shells)
    I know there’s a nest (Fit with a hatch)
    Sunset a glowin’ (Makes us all sweaty)
    I don’t even know where to begin or how I should start these days.
    (The green mountain south or)
    The Clay of the westerns
    The Maryland meadows at midnight they do have a misty grace
    (Take a trip to blue bayou)
    Find Roy Orbison crying
    A continent molded from glass or maybe a town I can taste
    (Dresses that glow on)
    Girls from Barcelona
    I wanna discover the key and open the everywhere place
    (A mix of sky from Montana)
    Dipped in FloriDada

    EM – In your works, we can perceive an atmosphere of playfulness even though the conditions of a real game are not there

    GD – Become a mountain by Dan Deacon

    I got up
    Tired in my flesh
    I’m getting old now
    I’m so lucky
    Yet I forget that I’m still hungry
    For the future
    In this day ahead of me
    Will I seize it or will I run
    All the time
    Is right here
    It’s right now
    I have this feeling
    Almost all the time
    I have this feeling
    Like this feeling isn’t mine
    Mystic familiar
    It already knows
    I can see it waiting for me to explode
    Close your eyes
    And it becomes a mountain
    Become all around you
    Become the sky, become the sea
    Open your eyes
    And remain the mountain
    Breathing deeply
    Feeling the day change with the breeze
    All the time
    Is right here
    It’s right now
    I have this feeling
    Almost all the time
    I have this feeling
    Like this feeling is not mine

    EM – Popular culture is a big reference for you, the protagonists of your works sometimes even have cult character names (like the dolphins DJ and Elliot in reference to Scrubs). What is your relationship with mass culture?

    GD – Maledetta primavera by Loretta Goggi

    Wanting to hug and then
    White wine, flowers, and old songs
    And they laughed at us
    What a hoax it was
    Damn spring
    What’s left of an erotic dream if
    Upon waking, it became a poem?
    If with empty hands of you
    I can no longer do
    As if it were not love
    If by mistake
    I close my eyes and think of you
    If to fall in love again
    You’ll be back, damn spring
    What a cheat if
    It only takes an hour to fall in love?
    What was the hurry
    Damn spring?
    What was the hurry
    If it only hurts?
    What’s left inside me?

    EM – In your Instagram stories, besides cycling, you have a collection of numerous recipes. Cakes, pizzas, an embarrassing carbonara y guacamole combo, you’ve even created an artist’s cone with a Dear Martina flavour. What is your relationship with the culinary world? Does it interact with your artistic work?

    GD – Sis Around the Sandmill by Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan

    Eat slowly and there’s my ha ha
    They eat slow the others might ha ha
    Eat slow the others might ha ha
    Eat slowly and the others might wah ho

    EM – If we had to look for a part of you in a book or movie, which one would you tell us?

    GD – Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein | Instrumental


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