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    Every month, The Blank entrusts its newsletter to an artist: 99 words and an image of his or her choice. The Blank Board project, curated by Elisa Muscatelli, includes a short video interview with the “artist of the month”, published on our website and social channels. The video interviews are accessible in Italian and English on the Artist of the Month page.
    Thanks to the cultural mediators of LISten Project, The Blank Board also proposes some in-depth interviews with artists in Italian Sign Language.


    TB BOARD 2021

    Here are the videos:

    Regina José Galindo | January 2021
    Gian Maria Tosatti | February  2021
    Shafei Xia | March 2021
    June Crespo | April 2021
    Laura Pugno | May 2021
    Michael Fliri |  June 2021
    Graham Hudson | July 2021
    Benedikt Hipp | August 2021
    Jessica Stockholder | September 2021
    Göksu Kunak | October 2021
    Roberto Pugliese | December 2021

    LIS insights:

    Regina José Galindo
    Laura Pugno
    Jessica Stockholder
    Göksu Kunak
    Gian Maria Tosatti


    TB BOARD 2022

    Here are the videos:

    Gabriele De Santis | January 2021
    Irene Fenara | February 2021

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