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    Via Lussana, 2, Bergamo



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    Noesis is a cultural non-profit organization committed to promote the knowledge of philosophic disciples. For the past twenty-three years, it has promoted some of the most significant cultural events occurred in Bergamo. Over time conferences had been organized with prominent names of the Italian and European cultural landscape, such as Massimo Cacciari, Emanuele Severino, Carlo Sini, Giovanni Reale and Vito Mancuso.
    Every year it schedules a series of meetings between November and March, for a total of about twenty events aimed to promote philosophical debate and cultural enrichment.
    There shall be an annual theme, around which the invited speakers develop their interventions.
    The philosophy is treated in all its aspects, touching social, aesthetic, theoretical, psychological, artistic, medical and biological, of communication and language themes.
    The conferences, organized in the city key cultural places, such as Social Theatre, John XXIII Congress Centre, Auditorium L. Mascheroni, Auditorium Modernissimo Nembro, record a total of about five thousand visitors, bringing together fans of Philosophy, people of all ages curious to deepen this extraordinary material, creating a unique circuit around the discipline that, in the etymology, “loves the wisdom.”

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