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    ArtDate 2020 The Gift
    ArtDate 2020 The Gift
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    The Gift is the theme of the 10th edition of the Contemporary Art Festival ArtDate, which takes place in Bergamo from November 12th to 15th.
    Among the highlights there is the exhibition curated by Ed Atkins and a big group show at Palazzo della Ragione.

    The festival focuses on the theme of gift, reviving attention to the issues of accessibility and participation and introducing reflection on rituals that strengthen sociality.

    There are six main sections through which the festival is articulated:
    In the more than 30 events that make up the festival and develop throughout the city of Bergamo are presented works with power of relationship and proposed artists whose research is based on the foundations of sociality, paths of cultural reciprocity and attention to the dimension of diversity.
    All the events of the festival are free admission and the entire event is thought, in a year that has seen Bergamo at the center of the health emergency, as a gift to the community.

    The tenth edition develops the concept of gift in different ways, starting from the studies of anthropologist Marcel Mauss.

    On Thursday, November 12th, the festival opens with the inaugural conference of the journalist and writer Massimo Fini, whose speech focuses on a reading of the theme of gift, deepened both from an economic and anthropological point of view.
    Friday, November 13th opens at Palazzo della Ragione The Gift. On life and death curated by Stefano Raimondi: the exhibition reflects on what it means to give today and how the gift is a question that embraces the two extremes of human existence, life and death.
    Among the artists present in the exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione there is Jonathan Monk, protagonist of the annual Benefit that supports the activities of the association, with a conceptual work.
    On Saturday, November 14th there is the usual appointment GALLERIES TIME, during which the galleries will inaugurate exhibitions specifically conceived around the theme of the festival.
    In the evening, the exhibition curated by Ed Atkins The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes with works by Stan Brakhage and David Kamp will be inaugurated at the Ex Ateneo in Città Alta.
    On Sunday November 15th the educational services department of The Blank will organize the talk Art, Signs, Languages: the sign as toll of visual-gestural communication.

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    ArtDate 2020 The Gift