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    05.25.18 - 05.27.18


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    On ​Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May, Bergamo hosts the eighth edition of The Blank ArtDate.

    With over 30 events, 45 artists and 5 institutions involved, the event is confirmed as a reference point and an unmissable appointment not only for contemporary art lovers but for all those who, in a participatory and collaborative dimension, take part in the scheduled events.

    The Blank ArtDate offers a renewed appointment focusing mainly on artists who use in their practice artistic forms and means of expression such as audio, video, performance and talk.

    The preference for intangible and ephemeral interventions, which are consumed at the same time in which they are implemented – as can be a vision, a listening, a conversation or a performative event – marks the new edition of ArtDate under the heading of FREQUENCIES​,​ that refers to the number of times in which an event is repeated in its temporal dimension, to the rhythm of an event, to the perception of its movement, to ​the ​participation in an activity.

    In the era of streaming, on-demand and image sharing, the f​eature that characterizes The Blank ArtDate 2018 is the unavoidability of the participation of the user in a specific place and at a precise moment. The non-repetitiveness of the performances and the non-materiality of the sound and video works impose the physical presence of the body of the assistants so that they can be intercepted, coded, decoded and then transmitted again and ​narrated.

    A major innovation is the participation of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, an operational and symbolic place of great importance for the entire community.

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