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    Voluntary associations The Gift
    Voluntary associations The Gift
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    The exhibition The Gift. On life and death presents works by 7 international artists – Matilde Cassani, Alberto Garutti, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andrea Mastrovito, Jonathan Monk, Andrea Romano and Namsal Siedlecki – in dialogue with 7 voluntary associations.
    The exhibition is conceived as a gift of a gift: a restitution to the community through an artistic path and through the request to offer yourself for possible forms of collaboration with social or voluntary services.
    A fundamental part of the exhibition is in fact the possibility of getting in touch with a series of associations operating in the area of Bergamo, in order to be able to donate part of your time to them.

    The associations involved are:

    – Aiuto per l’autonomia odv, a voluntary organisation created by the centre of third age of Valtesse. There are two projects:
    – Ol disnà (home delivery of meals to old people);
    – Autoamica (social transport for old and fragile people).

    – Primo Ascolto Alzheimer (Alzheimer Café), a free service for families with an Alzheimer case at home, to overcome the isolation caused by the illness. Group activities are proposed with the aim of encouraging and maintaining an optimal level of physical, psychological and social functions, through fun activities that encounter the needs and requirements of the person.

    – Avis Provinciale Bergamo is the Blood Volunteers Association of the province of Bergamo. Its main purpose is to promote the gift of blood and blood components, in addition to collecting blood in its headquarters: Monterosso (Bergamo) and its branches in the province.

    – ENPA, which stands for Ente Nazionale per la Protezione degli Animali (National Animal Protection Agency), is the oldest Italian Animal Protection Association, founded in 1871 by Giuseppe Garibaldi. In the area of Bergamo ENPA exists since 40 years. Its mission is to protect animals, especially pets. ENPA works by managing the zoological facility for cats.

    – Fabbrica dei Sogni is a voluntary association that operates in Bergamo and hosts 150 young people aged between 6 and 18 coming from 15 different nationalities.
    The aim is to support children in their global growth process. In the centre, activities are organised in order to promote the acceptance and integration of the children and their families.

    – Orto Botanico is a place for meeting and dialogue and a space for relations and transmission of the knowledge. Its priority activities are the presentation, conservation, increase and study of the botanical heritage and the dissemination of knowledge through innovative methods.

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    Voluntary associations The Gift