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    Ex Libreria ARS arte+libri
    [== Ex ==== Libreria ==== ARS == arte ==== libri ==]

    Via Pignolo, 116 24121 Bergamo
    ph. +39 035 247293
    thur-fri 3.00-7.00 pm | sat 10.00 am-1.00 pm/3.00-7.00 pm
    FOUNDED IN 1990
    DIRECTED BY Luciano Passoni

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    ARS arte+libri is an art bookshop acting in the city for more than twenty years.
    From its opening in march 1990, the bookshop consecrates its best wall to exhibit an artwork by an artist –  either a friend or a customer, and subsequently, as more and more people came to know the bookshop, from wider circles. This wall became larger in 2000, reaching the dimension of 3×3 meters so that at the same time more artworks can be exposed. While in the beginning the exhibitions were once a month, now ARS arranges 9/10 exhibitions each year. The artists are young and less young, often debuting, sometimes chosen by their artworks and sometimes by their personality. The artworks on exhibit in the bookshop are seen by contemporary art lovers and by everyday customers. For its exhibitions, ARS doesn’t leave out any genre nor technique, doesn’t follow trends, but is open to interesting artworks with language and research intensity, coolness, honesty and tightness.

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