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    Public Institutions
    [== MUSEO === BERNAREGGI ==]

    Via Pignolo, 76 24121 Bergamo

    ph. +39 035 248772

    Opening Hours
    From Tuesday to Sunday  9.30 -12.30 am/3.00-6.30 pm


        [== LINK ==]

    Owned by the Diocese of Bergamo, the Museum was opened in 2000. Its collections consist of works (from 16th to 19th centuries) mostly of devotional character coming from the territory of the Diocese of Bergamo. The Museum is equipped with a library and a photo library specialized in history of art, they are both open to the public. Beside numerous exhibitions of ancient art, the Museum has arranged for contemporary art venues in the recently recovered premises of ex 18th century’s San Lupo Oratory facing current San Tomaso Street.

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