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    ARTDATE 2021 - Nel Tempo Sospeso - 11.11.21 - 14.11.21
    [= ARTDATE == 2021 ===== Nel == Tempo = Sospeso ===== 11.11.21 ===== 14.11.21 =]

    Contemporary Art Festival
    XI edition
    11 12 13 14 November Bergamo

    NEL TEMPO SOSPESO is the theme of the 11th edition of the Contemporary Art Festival ArtDate that will take place in Bergamo from November 11 to 14.
    It is a large reflection on the indeterminacy and apprehension that is characterizing this unforgettable period of which we are all protagonists and testimonials, a historical phase also full of expectations and desires.

    Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November, Bergamo will host the 11th edition of ArtDate, Contemporary Art Festival organized by The Blank.
    Over the years, ArtDate has become a reference point able to approach and promote contemporary art to a large and diversified audience. In this edition, ArtDate presents many important innovations, focusing on the theme of suspended time, refreshing the attention to the issues of accessibility and participation.

    [= TB = BENEFIT = 2019 ======= GIUSEPPE == STAMPONE ===]
        [== LINK ==]

    S A L E
    Where everything seems to be on sale, there is the risk of losing what really matters.

    On Friday 13 December 2019 took place a special event organised in collaboration with The Blank by the Bergamo-based communication agency specialising in branding: Quid – Value to communication, sponsor of the exhibition Il Corpo Insensato (2019-2020, Palazzo della Ragione, curated by Stefano Raimondi), with two special guests: Andrea Mastrovito and Giuseppe Stampone dialogued with Stefano Raimondi, director of The Blank, and Lorenzo Sommariva, owner of Quid, on the union of art and communication, posing as a main question the question “what combines art and branding?”. Giuseppe Stampone also presented his new collection Sale, a series designed to remind how art is often confined to a decorative functions, at the expense of its expressive and critical power.

    Andrea Mastrovito and Giuseppe Stampone share the same ability to create images and works that appear to be easy to understand but which, on the other hand, reveal a plurality of interpretations, great sensibility and a lot of artistic and other references.

    [= TB === BENEFIT === 2018 === ANDREA ===== MASTROVITO ===== VINCENZO = SIMONE ===]

    Studio per la predica degli uccelli (Study for the bird predication), Andrea Mastrovito

        [== LINK ==]

    In occasion of the 15th edition of BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera, Andrea Mastrovito (Bergamo, Italy – 1978) and Vincenzo Simone (Seraing, Belgium – 1980), proposed a series of works as part of the benefit activities supporting the programming of The Blank.

    [== TB === BENEFIT ==== 2020 ====== JONATHAN === MONK ==]

    Ph Paolo Biava

    To see all the works in the series click [= here =]


        [== LINK ==]



    To celebrate in the best way the milestone of the first 10 years of activity, The Blank has had the pleasure to collaborate with the British artist Jonathan Monk who has realized exclusively for the association a new series of artworks whose proceeds will support the realization of new exhibitions and projects. The works take the ironic title Shelf Life, an English expression that defines the period of time during which a good can be stored without becoming unsuitable for use, consumption, or sale.

    At the same time, the artwork is presented as a bookcase of life, where the chalk simulates the spines of books that accompany us through time. The series was created for the exhibition The Gift. On Life and Death that on 13th November 2020 will open in Bergamo on the occasion of the Festival of Contemporary Art, Artdate.

    Personal exhibitions have been dedicated to Jonathan Monk (Leicester, 1969. Lives and works in Berlin) at some of the most prestigious international institutions, including Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, Ireland), Kunsthaus Baselland (Muttenz, Switzerland). His work has been included in many events, including the Whitney Biennial (2006), the 50th and 53rd Biennale di Venezia (2003, 2009), the Berlin Biennale (2001), and the Taipei Biennale (2000). In 2012 he was awarded the Prix du Quartier Des Bains, in Geneva.

    Shelf life, 2020
    Chalk on canvas series of 36 unique pieces
    24 x 30 cm

    800 €/ each
    * The amount is paid as a contribution and liberal disbursement in support of the different cultural activities promoted by the Association “THE BLANK” and is deductible under the combined provisions of articles 100 paragraph 2 letter h) D.P.R. 917/1986 and art. 14 c. 1 D.L. 35/2005 – Social security contributions

    for info and reservations: associazione@theblank.it

    ARTDATE 2020 IL DONO/THE GIFT | 12.11.2020 - 15.11.2020
    [=== ARTDATE == 2020 === IL == DONO = THE = GIFT === 12.11.2020 ===== 15.11.2020 =]

    Contemporary Art Festival X edizione

    The Gift | The Gift is the theme of the 10th edition of the Contemporary Art Festival ArtDate which took place in Bergamo from 12th to 15th November.
    As a reaction to the difficult historical moment we are living through, The Blank has chosen to convert the Festival into digital form instead of canceling it, thus giving a signal of resistance from the world of culture.

    Here’s the links to see all the events of the Festival:

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    Massimo Fini, journalist and writer, in conversation with Claudia Santeroni on the theme of the “Gift” through a reading of Denaro, sterco del demonio, his essay written following the footsteps of Marcel Mauss.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    Link audio-videoguide in Italian and Italian Sign Language (LIS)
    In waiting the exhibition to be open to the public, the curator Stefano Raimondi brings us to discover the artworks by Matilde Cassani, Alberto Garutti, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andrea Mastrovito, Jonathan Monk, Andrea Romano, Namsal Siedlecki.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    Ed Atkins
    (artist and curator), David Kamp (composer and sound designer) and Stefano Raimondi (president of The Blank) discuss the exhibition project The Act Of Seeing With One’s Own Eye, that pays tribute to the production of the father of experimental cinema Stan Brakhage and David Kamp’s research.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    The galleries and exhibition spaces of Bergamo and province present their projects through short videos.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    Giuliano Zanchi presents the book by Giovanna Brambilla in conversation with the author.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    Presentation of the book with Sara Benaglia, Mauro Zanchi, Corrado Benigni, Teresa Giannico, Alessandro Sambini.

    Link Facebook
    Link YouTube
    curated by The Blank LISten Project
    Rita Mazza
    (artistic director of Festival of Silence and sign performer), Nicola Della Maggiora (Visual Vernacular artist), Claudia Santeroni and Maria Marzia Minelli (curators engaged in a research on performance practices) introduce a reflection on Sign Language and its relationship with performative, theatrical and Visual Vernacular practices.

    The works of Matilde Cassani and Andrea Romano were realized for The Gift exhibition during the residency at The Blank, made possible thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.
    The Festival is the result of a cultural agreement with the Municipality of Bergamo aimed at promoting and enhancing Bergamo as a city of art and culture. ArtDate is supported by the Lombardy Region and recognized by the EFFE – Europe for Festival, Festivals for Europe platform for its artistic quality, the involvement of the local community, and at the same time the European breath.

    [=== IN ==== PRATICA ==]

        [== LINK ==]

    The Residence IN PRATICA is the winning project of the call for proposals “Per Chi Crea”, supported by Mibac and SIAE, realized in collaboration with AIR – artinresidence and in partnership with da FARE and Viaindustriae. From October to November 2019, 6 Italian artists under 35, selected by an international jury, realize a residency program that take them to Foligno and Bergamo.

    The artists have been selected among the candidates from the residencies of the AIR-artinresidence network called to collaborate in the project, each one proposing up to a maximum of two Italian artists under 35.

    The winners are:

    Giovanni Chiamenti candidate from VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Matteo Coluccia candidate from GuilmiArtProject, Edoardo Ciaralli candidate from GuilmiArtProject, Mattia Ferretti candidate from Diogene-Bivaccourbano, Ludovico Orombelli candidate from R.A.M.O. Ritratto a Mano and Roberto Memoli candidate from RAMDOM.

    The jury that selected the winning artists is composed of Stefano Raimondi, Carlo Sala and Eugenio Viola.

    ARTDATE 2019 ESSERE PARTE/BEING PART OF | 14.11.2019 - 17.11.2019
    [= ARTDATE === 2019 ==== ESSERE === PARTE ==== BEING == PART === OF ====== 14.11.2019 === 17.11.2019 ===]

    Thursday 14, Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November, Bergamo hosts the ninth edition of the ArtDate Contemporary Art Festival, organized for the first time in the autumn, the protagonist of a cultural program of the city that runs throughout the year.
    Over time it has become a point of reference capable of bringing contemporary art closer to and promoting a broad and diverse audience, the ninth edition of the Festival presents numerous important innovations, giving main attention to the themes of accessibility and participation.
    Being part / Being part of, developed around 6 thematic sections (Show Time, Talk, Collections and Homes, Studio Visit, Kids, ArtErasmus), is an extensive reflection on the meaning of sharing, which starts from the human body and extends up to social and political body.
    The theme around which the Festival is based is linked to the importance of the activity and autonomy of the individual operator within a system that supports and enhances its uniqueness, an analysis of cooperation in respect of contextual independence.
    Come to an organism, where the greeting and the self-sufficiency of the parts are present in the well-being of the body it hosts, so the various realities that participate in ArtDate retain and cultivate their own singularity, but in the belief that coordinating is simpler than the intended purpose:
    in this case, the growth and strengthening of the city’s cultural life.
    The collective commitment is therefore combined with the high degree of autonomy and individual initiative in favor of the pursuit of shared intent.
    The Festival turns into more than 30 events involving the whole city of Bergamo. The works of over 100 artists are presented and the projects include prestigious institutions such as GAMeC – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo, Castello di Rivoli Education Department, Museum of Contemporary Art, BeGo – Benozzo Gozzoli Museum, MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid and TATE Modern in London.

        [== LINK ==]

    On Friday 24 January 2019 The Blank proposes The Blank Kitchen | Irene Fenara – Tea and biscuits, a culinary event organized on the occasion of Bologna Art Week in Irene Fenara’s studio in Bologna.

    The Blank Kitchen was born with the desire to bring some of the most interesting artists of the international scene in relation with art lovers and the curious through a transversal and convivial tool such as food and cooking.

    Born in Bologna in 1990, Irene Fenara is an Italian artist who works mainly with video installation and photographic experimentation, focusing on interaction with surveillance cameras. Her research investigates the concept of time and memory, working with images that overturn points of view and generate situations of spatial disorientation, “with one eye on technology and the other on the sky”.

    [= TB == BENEFIT ==== 2014 === ANDREA == MASTROVITO =]


        [== LINK ==]

    The Blank Benefit 2014
    Guest Artist: Andrea Mastrovito
    evening hosted by Cristina Rodeschini

    Artists who donated:
    David Adamo, Salvatore Arancio, Christian Fogarolli, Oscar Giaconia, Jan Kaesbach, Daniele Maffeis, Jacopo Miliani, Mladen Miljanovic, Gianni Politi, Luigi Presicce, Agne Raceviciute, Vincenzo Simone.

    TB BENEFIT 2013
    [= TB == BENEFIT === 2013 ==]


        [== LINK ==]

    The Blank Benefit 2013

    Artists who have donated:
    Alis / Filliol, Davide Allieri, Francesco Arena, Riccardo Beretta, Filippo Berta, Simone Berti, Mariella Bettineschi, Davide Casari, Emma Ciceri, Cuoghi Corsello, Mario Cresci, Giovanni De Lazzari, Cécile B. Evans, Ettore Favini, Arianna Ferrari, Ferrario Freres, Pasquale Gadaleta, Oscar Giaconia, Marco Grimaldi, Miguel Guzmàn Pastor, Adelita Husni-Bey, Alex Martinis Roe, Andrea Mastrovito, Francesco Pedrini, Alexandros Pissourios, Grayson Revoir, Andrea Romano, Giuseppe Stampone, Maria Francesca Tassi, Gian Maria Tosatti.

    Premio Matteo Olivero 44th EDITION
    Premio Matteo Olivero 44th EDITION
        [== LINK ==]

    Marinella Senatore is the winner of the 44th Matteo Olivero Prize.

    Marinella Senatore (Cava de’ Tirreni, 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist, with a background in music, fine arts and film. Her practice is characterized by a strong, collective, participatory and social dimension.

    The artist presents her work “Dance First/Think Later” that will make the foyer of the Magda Olivero Cinema Theater unique.

    The jury for this edition is composed by Sara Fumagalli, Matteo Ghidoni, Roberto Giordana, Tiziana Buccico and Arturo Demaria.

    ARTDATE 2022
    ARTDATE 2022

    Contemporary Art Festival
    12th edition
    10 11 12 13 November

        [== LINK ==]

    CORPO LIBERO is the theme of ArtDate 2022, the contemporary art festival taking place in Bergamo from 10 to 13 November.
    It is a large reflection on what it means, assuming it is today or has ever been possible, to have a free body.
    The rediscovered proximity after the years of pandemic and social distancing, the spectre of war in Europe, but also an analysis of how obsessive the attention around the body has become: a body-produced, which lives much more but endures much less, a body-political, the idea of beauty as a form of identity, a body-slave to the dictates of fashion in order to be looked at and desired, a body-constructed, transfigured, a body-exposed, a body-image.
    A body that is confronted with the progressive fading of the idea of immortality, declining salvation in health by making use of contemporary rituals such as diets, physical exercises, intermittent fasting, beauty treatments.
    These are the topics that are raised in the events of the 12th edition of ArtDate, through exhibitions, talks, performances, lectures and projections.

    [== SATURDAY 16 ==]

    [== SUNDAY 17 ==]

    [== MONDAY 18 ==]

    [== TUESDAY 19 ==]


    For further information: educational@theblank.it

        [== LINK ==]

    The Blank Educational offers school workshops and learning projects based on different themes connected with ArtDate, the Contemporary Art Festival annually organized in Bergamo by The Blank dedicated to relevant contemporary issues.

    The Blank Educational Staff collaborates with teachers to develop and promote resources and programs for school groups, ensuring meaningful, high-quality connections and resources for educators and their students.

    TB Educational School Projects mission is to provide quality performing arts programs in support of arts integrated education, literacy, community development and engagement-encouraging multi-cultural awareness & understanding.


        [== LINK ==]

    LISten Project makes available free accessible audio-videoguides for deaf and hearing people. Each video contains an explanation of an artwork in Italian Sign Language (LIS) accompanied by subtitles and voice-over.

    The audio-videoguides are designed in the inclusive perspective of Design for All, thus allowing them to be enjoyed by different audiences, including children.

    In order to make The Blank’s cultural proposal accessible, LISten Project offers insights in Italian Sign Language with Italian subtitles on the research of some of the most relevant artists of the contemporary scene:
    – Regina José Galindo
    – Laura Pugno
    – Jessica Stockholder
    – Göksu Kunak
    – Gian Maria Tosatti 

    Premio Matteo Olivero 40th edition
    Premio Matteo Olivero 40th edition

    Photo credits: Nadia Pugliese


        [== LINK ==]

    The winning project, Analemma, was presented by Mark Barrow (1982) e Sarah Parke (1981) and is still exhibited inside the Cappella Cavassa, a Renaissance room inserted in the cloister of the convent of San Giovanni, Saluzzo.

    The 40th edition of Matteo Olivero Award invited through a public call both Italian and foreigners artists, without limits of age or medium, to realise a personal exhibition on the topic Remembering memory.

    The number of the projects perceived is 336. To judge them has been a jury composed by:

    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art and Artistic Director of ArtVerona
    Eva Fabbris, art historian and curator of Fondazione Prada di Milano
    Leah Pires, art writer and curator
    Roberto Giordana, vice president of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni

    Premio Matteo Olivero 41th edition
    Premio Matteo Olivero 41th edition

        [== LINK ==]

    The 41th edition of the Prize has been the first one on invitation basis.

    The winning project, Harp, was proposed by the Columbian artist Santiago Reyes Villaveces (1986), nominated by Eugenio Viola.
    The artwork is still exhibited inside the Sacristy of the Church of Sant’Ignazio, Saluzzo.

    The international advisor that selected the artists has been:

    Lorenzo Balbi, Michael Bank Christoffersen, Andrew Berardini, Ginevra Bria, Andrea Bruciati, Emily Butler, Domenico De Chirico, Julia Draganovic, Fredi Fishli, Sara Fumagalli, Georgia Horn, Denis Isaia, Ellen Kapanadze, Lara Khaldi, Sam Korman, Luca Lo Pinto, Simone Menegoi, Bernardo Mosqueira, Alberta Romano, Sona Stepanyan, Marianna Vecellio, Saverio Verini, Eugenio Viola, Xiaoyu Weng.

    The artists selected for the 41th edition has been:

    Paola Angelini, Riccardo Arena, Mehraneh Atashi, Ruth Beraha, Luca Bertolo, Bruno Botella, Benji Boyadgian, Dachal Choi, Fabrizio Cotognini, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Anne De Boer, Aria Dean, Paul Eastwood, Farhad Farzali, Francesco Gennari, Oscar Giaconia, Corinna Gosmaro, Ayrson Heraclito, Jacob&Manila, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Andre Komatsu, Phanos Kyriacou, Leigh Ledare, Isaac Lythgoe, Andrea Mastrovito, Luca Monterastelli, Jade Montserrat, Sveta Mordovskaya, Ebechova Muslimovam Oren Pinhassi, Gala Porras Kim, Carlos Reyes, Santiago Reyes Villaveces, Adam Stamp, Jennifer Taylor, Rebecca Topakian, Nicola Verlato, Jan Vorisek, Jakub Woynarowski, Zapruder, Davide Zucco.

    The jury that judged the project perceived was composed by:

    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art and Artistic Director of ArtVerona
    Chrissie Iles, Curator of the Whitney Museum of New York
    Nicola Ricciardi, Director of OGR, Turin
    Roberto Giordana, Vice General Director of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni

    Premio Matteo Olivero 42nd EDITION
    Premio Matteo Olivero 42nd EDITION

    Photo credits: Chiara Bruno

        [== LINK ==]

    The German artist Veit Laurent Kurz is the winner of the 42° edition of the Matteo Olivero Prize. His project has been realized in the Room “de Foix”, inside Casa Cavassa (Saluzzo, Piedmont).

    To give the Award has been an international jury composed by:

    Marianna Vecellio, Curator of Castello di Rivoli, Turin,
    Ruba Katrib, Curator of MoMA PS1, New York,
    Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank Contemporary Art, Artistic Director of ArtVerona,
    Roberto Giordana, Vicepresident of Fondazione CRC, Cuneo (Piedmont),
    Arturo Demaria, member of Fondazione Amleto Bertoni.

    Caterina Molteni nominated the winning artist.

    The artists selected are: Rosa Aiello, Olì Bonzanigo, Alfonso Borragán, Guendalina Cerruti, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Keren Cytter, Louis De Belle, Violet Dennison, Sarah Entwistle, Irene Fenara, Miguel Fernández de Castro, Anna Franceschini, Emily Jones, Veit Laurent Kurz, Sonia Leimer, Hanne Lippard, Marcovinicio, Silvia Mariotti, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Edoardo Piermattei, Giuliana Rosso, Gabriel Rico, Oscar Santillan, Lise Stoufflet, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Alice Visentin, Kennedy Yanko, Italo Zuffi.

    They have been selected by: Ilaria Bonacossa (Director of Artissima, Turin), Michele Bonuomo (Director of the magazine «Arte»), Elisa Carollo (Art consultant), Irene Sofia Comi (Independent curator and art critic), Laura Copelin (Ballroom Marfa’s Executive Director & Curator), Alfredo Cramerotti (Director MOSTYN, Wales), Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (Teacher of Art History at Accademia di Brera, Milan, Art critic and Independent curator), Matilde Galletti (Art historian, art critic, curator), Matteo Ghidoni (Architect and publisher), Antonio Grulli (Art critic and independent curator), Laura Lecce (Buyer for the section Design+Art of the group Yoox Net-A-Porter), Caterina Molteni (Independent curator), Hanne Mugas (Director Kunsthall Stavanger), Andrea Neustein (Independent curator), Letizia Ragaglia (Director of Museion, Bolzano), Maria Chiara Valacchi (Founder of Cabinet, Milan), Benjamin Weil (Artistic Director Centro Botín, Santander).

    Premio Matteo Olivero 43rd EDITION
    Premio Matteo Olivero 43rd EDITION

    Photo credit: Giuseppe D’Anna

        [== LINK ==]

    Roberto Pugliese is the winner of the 43rd edition of the Matteo Olivero Award with the project Sinestesia Eco.

    The jury was composed by:
    Ilaria Bonacossa, director since 2017 of Artissima – International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin;
    Alessandro Rabottini, art critic, curator and artistic director of the In Between Art Film Foundation; Arturo Demaria, advisor of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation;
    Roberto Giordana, vice general director of the Cassa di Risparmio of Cuneo;
    Stefano Raimondi, curator of the Prize, since 2010 director of The Blank Contemporary Art and artistic director since 2020 of ArtVerona.

    The work, a sound installation that will be placed on the facade of the new Study Centre on Historic Keyboards in Saluzzo, will create a harmonious dialogue between the contents and instruments inside the Study Centre and the external architecture, transforming the building into a model of a Musical Palace. Sinestesia Eco, as the soundbox of the Study Centre’s composition activities, will create a dialogue between past and present, combining the classical musical tradition with contemporary electronic experimentation. The visual and auditory nature of the work will be capable of interacting with and involving the community of the area and of being at the same time the driving force behind a cultural pathway that the city of Saluzzo has activated through the Matteo Olivero Award.

    The jury also gave two special mentions to Raffaela Naldi Rossano and Eugenio Tibaldi. Since the high quality of all the projects presented, the jury want to thank the artists and advisors who took part in the Award.

    The 27 finalists of the Award were nominated by prestigious international advisors: Jessica Bianchera (art historian, independent curator and project manager, artistic director of Spazio Cordis and president of Urbs Picta), Daniele De Luigi (curator of Fondazione Modena Arti Visive), Sara Dolfi Agostini (curator of Blitz Valletta, Malta), Rossella Farinotti (contemporary art and film critic), Ilaria Gianni (co-founder of Magic Lantern Film Festival), Lucrezia Longobardi (art critic and independent curator), Matteo Lucchetti (curator and writer), Lorenzo Madaro (contemporary art curator and lecturer in History of Art and Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce), Angel Moya Garcia (critic and curator, he is responsible for the programming of the Mattatoio, Rome), Claudio Musso (art critic, independent curator, lecturer at the Accademia G. Carrara di Belle Arti di Bergamo), Domenico Quaranta (contemporary art critic, curator and lecturer), Silvia Salvati (curator at MADRE Museum, Naples), Valentina Tanni (art historian, curator and lecturer), Francesco Tenaglia (journalist and artistic director of the exhibition space Sgomento Zurigo, Zurich), Alessandra Troncone (art historian, curator and co-artistic director of Underneath the Arches).

    The selection process, this year aimed at promoting and supporting Italian artists and those resident in Italy, has nominated Filippo Berta, Letizia Calori, Lucia Cristiani, Daniele D’Acquisto, Giuseppe De Mattia, Antonio Della Guardia, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Binta Diaw, Christian Fogarolli, Ettore Favini, Riccardo Giacconi, Alberto Gianfreda, Norma Jeane, Mariangela Levita and Domenico Crisci, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Alek O., Parasite 2.0 and Ludovica Galletta, Donato Piccolo, Roberto Pugliese, Margherita Raso, Marinella Senatore, Michele Spanghero, Marco Strappato, Eugenio Tibaldi, Gian Maria Tosatti.


    Ph: Paolo Biava

        [== LINK ==]

    LISten Project organizes accessible guided tours in Italian Sign Language to contemporary art exhibitions and museums. The tours are guided by LIS cultural mediators able to design specific itineraries and to engage both deaf and hearing visitors.

        [== LINK ==]

    The Blank is happy to announce the Open Studio of Simona Andrioletti and Filippo Marzocchi, winners of the HIGHLIGHTS residency program 2nd edition.

    On 15th February at 6pm, on the occasion of the award ceremony and the final Open Studio, the artists will present their artistic project, realized during their stay on the territory, at Spazio QUARENGHICINQUANTA.

    Simona Andrioletti will present the project Google IT!, realized in collaboration with Giacomo and Pio Manzù high school students. This work is born by some reflections about Moravia’s oration at Pasolini’s funeral, by a YouTube video and by an Umberto Eco’s letter to his adolescent nephew, where he explains the importance of keeping the memory exercised and of knowledge. The artist invited the students to ask questions about topics that, in their opinion, is important to know. Questions linked to studied subjects, which are fundamental and should be passed on.

    Filippo Marzocchi, during the residency stay, focused on his pictorial production, specifically in the “Icon” series, where he analyzes the relation between painting and technological devices through the iconic structure of the picture, highlighting the relationship between man and these objects. There are some fundamental features in this production: the construction of rounded-angle frames, a defined use of a precise color palette and research for signs and road signs as pictorial support.

    HIGHLIGHTS residency program is realized in partnership with FARE, with the support of MIBAC and SIAE, in the initiative “Sillumina – Copia private per I giovani, per la cultura”, aimed at under35 Italian artists. Projects were selected by the international jury composed by Domenico De Chirico (independent curator and artistic director at DAMA), Stefano Raimondi (curator and critic) and Driant Zeneli (artist and artistic director at Mediterranea18).

    Simona Andrioletti, born in Bergamo in 1990, lives and works in Munich. She graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, studying with Gianni Caravaggio. She studied visual arts at Academie der Bildende Kunst in Munich with professors Gregor Schneider, Simon Starling and Olaf Nicolai. Simona has been selected among the finalists of the Talent Prize for two years and has participated in the related exhibitions at MACRO in Rome, in October 2016 and December 2017. She presented her work at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, at Nir Altman Galerie, Stiftung Federkiel and at Kunstverein München in Munich, at Réfectoire des nonnes and at Palais Bondy in Lyon, at Waterworks Falkenstein in Hamburg. Her first solo show “And there was evening and there was morning” was hosted in 2016 at Twenty14 Gallery in Milan. She is among the founders of Residenza d’artista Carloforte, an artistic residency on San Pietro isle in Sardegna.

    Filippo Marzocchi was born in 1989 in Forlì. His practice is based on images and sounds, developd and deepened through painting, performance and site-specific projects. His work investigates human perception, developing research about reality’s structure and about how people perceive time and space as a continuous movement. His work has been shown in institutions, galleries and independent spaces such as: Zabludowicz Collection, London; PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Turin; Istituto italiano di cultura a Parigi, Paris; UCA, Canterbury; Piramidon Centre d’Arte Contemporani, Barcelona; MAMbo, Bologna; LOCALEDUE, Bologna; CAR DRDE, Bologna; Sale Docks, Venice; Gaffdabasso, Milan; Galeria Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca. He participated in residencies such as: Cripta747, Turin; Progetto Borca, Dolomiti Contemporanee; ManufattoinSitu, Viaindustriae; Esecuzione di Santa Caterina, Viaindustriae. In 2016 he co-founded with Mattia Pajè the space Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio in Bologna. He has been represented by Galeria Fran Reus since 2016.

    Special thanks to:
    Prof. Enrico De Pascale
    Spazio Quarenghi50
    F.lli Allieri

    The Blank Contemporary Art
    Via G. Quarenghi 50 – 24122 Bergamo, Italy
    PH +39 035 19903477
    E: info@theblankresidency.it

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