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    ArtDate 2019 - Being Part Of
    ArtDate 2019 - Being Part Of
    [== ArtDate = 2019 == Being Part Of ==]

    Contemporary Art Festival
    Being Part Of
    14-17 November 2019, Bergamo

    The 9th Edition of ArtDate takes place in November, with over thirty initiatives including exhibitions, performances, conferences and new activities such as workshops for children, guided tours in LIS and activities for Erasmus students.

    The Festival is supported by the Lombardy Region as an initiative of regional importance, by the Municipality of Bergamo which supports the activities of The Blank and has stipulated with the association a Cultural Agreement, and is also made possible thanks to the support of many foundations and private sponsors. ArtDate has received the European recognition of EFFE-Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe.

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    ArtDate 2019 - Being Part Of