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    ARTDATE 2016 LA CITTA' DEI DESTINI INCROCIATI | 13.11.16 - 15.11.16
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    The sixth edition of ArtDate took place on 13 14 15 May 2016.
    Unlike the previous editions, marked by a general theme by which the various participants were inspired – while maintaining complete independence in planning – ArtDate 2016 is characterized by the creation of a narrative journey between an exhibition space and another. The lowest common denominator is The Castle of Crossed Destinies, short fantasy novel by Italo Calvino published in 1969 in the book “Tarot – the Visconti’s deck between Bergamo and New York”. The narrative is accompanied by reproductions of Tarot cards in various combinations from which the writer brings forth different tales. It is a work of combinatorial literature. The deck of cards is of great historical and artistic interest, both for the beauty of the precious illustrations and because, in some cases, is believed to portray members of the families Visconti – Sforza. The Colleoni – Baglioni deck dates back to 1451 and was originally made of 78 cards, of which 74 are remained: 35 are at the Pierpont – Morgan Library in New York, 26 at the Accademia Carrara and 13 are part of the private Colleoni collection in Bergamo. During ArtDate the tarot cards are associated with various exhibition spaces and, respectively, with works of contemporary art related to these cards. This engenders a progressive journey across institutions, project spaces, galleries and exhibition spaces participating in the sixth edition of ArtDate, to form a great expanded exhibition over the territory of the city.


    Italo Calvino invented the stories of Il castello dei destini incrociati juxtaposing the cards and using them as a narrative combinatorial machine:

    The Blank proposes to the public a LITERARY CONTEST, inviting to write a short story inspired by the succession of the exhibition spaces visited during ArtDate.

    The works can serve as inspiration, but also the tarot cards associated with the places, as well as the history of the deck of cards or the experience and production of contemporary artists.

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    TB ArtDate | ARTDATE 2016 LA CITTA' DEI DESTINI INCROCIATI | 13.11.16 - 15.11.16