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    TB Residency
    TB Residency
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    In 2011 The Blank initiated a program of artist residencies: The Blank Residency. The idea fits perfectly with the association’s aims of spreading and widening passion and curiosity for contemporary art and its concept of network among institutions (museums, arts academies, galleries, not-for-profit spaces) but even among people. The residency program’s goal is to structure different projects, both by invitation and by open call, in order to provide hospitality and a place to Italian and international artists and contemporary art theoreticians over a medium-to-long term, and offering them accommodation and facilitating relationships to develop artistic research, both pratical and theoretical, with the aim of facilitating ideas and experiences exchange and of offering a professional development. The aim of The Blank Residency is also to create an international network of residencies, which supports the networking of artists of all nationalities.

    The first project of The Blank Residency was The Blank Artist in Residence – Fondazione Banca Popolare di Bergamo, which is characterized by the collaboration with the Bergamo’s Accademia di Belle Arti G. Carrara, the museum GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, and the support of Fondazione Banca Popolare di Bergamo. The artist selected for this project was the Dutch Remco Torenbosch who in 2012 spent 3 months in Bergamo. Every year The Blank Residency offers open call projects to support the development of ideas and projects.

    [= HIGHLIGHTS =]


    HIGHLIGHTS is a residency program, created by The Blank in partnership with FARE – with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”- which sees diversity as an important factor of wealth. In the same cycle of residencies, different cultural operators will be involved and put in dialogue with the artists, depending on the specific needs. The aim is to offer artists the opportunity to develop innovative projects related to their experiences and a wider context of reference. The artists will be accompanied in visits to some artist studios and in the main institutions, introducing them to the operators of the sector working on the territory.
    HIGHLIGHTS provides activities for meeting the public: the artists will have the opportunity to introduce themselves through open studios, workshops and informal conferences in which they will present their work and their activities. Visits and presentations will be organized in collaboration with associations active in Lombardy.

    from 15 September to 15 October 2018
    from 15 January to 15 February 2019

    HIGHLIGHTS is an artist residency program. The aim of the project is to give hospitality to Italian artists in Bergamo and to offer them accommodation and relationships aimed at developing artistic, practical and theoretical research of the participants. The residence is designed as a meeting and work place to share ideas and experiences. The artists in residence will be asked to work on a project / idea proposal that will be developed during the period of residence and to share it with The Blank. The proposal will be presented at the end of the period during the day dedicated to the Open Studio. At the beginning of the period of residence, the guests will informally present their work and their activities, while at the end there will be a day dedicated to the studio visit and the presentation of the project developed during the period of residence.

    A maximum of 2 artists will be selected for the period September / October and 2 artists for the period January / February 2019.

    • Eligibility:
    The residency program is aimed at artists resident in Italy under 35 working in the visual arts, photography, video, media art and performance.

    • Location:
    The Blank Residency. Via Quarenghi 50, Bergamo, Italy.

    • Offered by The Blank:
    Travel expenses. 
500 Euros. 
Accommodation and wifi internet. 
Kitchen, study and shared bathroom.

    • Duration:
    I – From 15 September to 15 October 2018.
    II – From 15 January to 15 February 2019. 
For each period will be selected 2 artists.

    • Request for participation:
    Please send the application form fully completed to: 
info@theblankresidency.it, by: 
- 4 July 2018: for the period September / October 2018; 
- 30 September 2018: for the period January / February 2019.

    • Selection process:
    The selection process is divided in two phases. 
The first phase consists in the creation of the shortlist to be submitted to the Jury by The Blank Contemporary Art and FARE, partner of the project.

    The international jury will select the 4 winners.

    The names of the winners will be announced:
    – by 15 July 2018 for the period from 15 September to 15 October 2018
    – by 30 October 2018 for the period from 15 January to 15 February 2019

    The international jury will be known at the end of the registration collection.

    Information contact:
    Cristina Rota
    +39 3394445029

    HIGHLIGHTS is a project realized by The Blank in partnership with FARE, with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”.

    [=== PROJECT ==== PROPOSAL = RESIDENCY ===== V =]

    Irene Fenara, Le interne differenze, 2017, installazione, pellicola su vetro e 4 fotografie su plexiglass, dimensione ambiente, photo credit Carlo Favero, courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna

    Yasen Vasilev, Nutricola, 2016, Vilnius

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    Artist residency proposed by The Blank Contemporary Art arrived at its fifth edition. The winners are Irene Fenara (Bologna, 1990) and Yasen Vasilev (Sofia, 1988), chosen among over 150 candidates.

    Project Proposal Residency is thought as a moment of meeting and work, an opportunity to share ideas and experiences. During their stay, the artists will have the chance to interact with The Blank and to get in touch with the cultural realities of Bergamo that operate in the contemporary art field. The Open Studio, organized at the conclusion of the residency, will be the occasion to present the projects and the outcome of the research.

    The fifth edition of the Project Proposal Residency will take place from October 16 to November 18.

    Among the exhibitions IRENE FENARA (1990, Bologna, where she lives and works) took part in 2016: Give me yesterday curated by Francesco Zanot, Fondazione Prada Osservatorio, Milano; La disfatta dell’immagine curated by Carlo Sala, Cà dei Ricchi, Treviso; personal exhibition Se il cielo fugge curated by Amerigo Mariotti and Daniela Tozzi, Adiacenze, Bologna. In 2017: personal exhibition Le interne differenze, P420, Bologna; Family Matters project of Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna; Essere politico, curated by Filippo Maggia and Chiara Dall’Olio, Fondazione Fotografia Modena, Modena.
    Interested in different expressive media, with a special attention to video and photography, Irene Fenara creates installations focused on the concepts of time and memory, working with images that reverse points of view and generate situations of spatial disorientation. Orientation in the physical space, closeness and distance relations and the subsequent need for movement are starting points of her research, which often produces vertical perspectives and raises the mind gaze. The use of different optical and electronic devices – often improperly used, profaning their basic function – becomes an instrument of observation of the world, researching a little poetical meaning.

    YASEN VASILEV (1988, Sofia, Bulgaria) is a performance-maker, educated at the theatre academies in Sofia and Shanghai. Author of two poetry collections and four plays: The Walled In Ones (2012-2013, Nikolay Binev Theatre, Sofia), Borgestriptych (2014, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai), Elevation 506 (2015-2016, workshoped in Vienna, Sofia and NYC) and Ishmael (2016, Nau Ivanow, Barcelona). Author of Nutricula, an ongoing project presented in Asia and Europe where performers from different backgrounds re-interpret the same concept as a physical solo. His latest text for theatre premieres October 2017 in Viterbo, Italy, a commission by the festival Quartieri dell’arte. 
    The project on which his research will be developed is NUTRICULA is a solo physical piece that examines the body as a battlefield of enslaving and liberating forces. It puts the performer into intensive physical struggle with herself to test and re-imagine the limits of the body. NUTRICULA is a piece that aims to create raw, powerful physical language and influence audiences directly with a bare minimum of elements: no costumes, sets, music or lights. NUTRICULA’s strategy is to liberate the body and the physical actions it produces from the meaning that’s imposed on them (gender, class, race). NUTRICULA was inspired by the immortal jellyfish turritopsis nutricula – the only organism known to man that never dies. NUTRICULA was developed in China, Portugal and Lithuania so far, each time with a different collaborator and was supported by Shanghai Theatre Academy, Minsheng Art Museum, Arts Printing House and Atalaia Artes Performativas.

    With the contribution of Regione Lombardia.

    [=== PROJECT == PROPOSAL ==== RESIDENCY ==== APPLICATION === DAEDLINE ===== 30th ==== JULY ==== 2016 =]
    10.18.16 - 11.20.16

    ph. +39 03519903477





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    The purpose of the project is to give hospitality to artists and curators for a short/medium period and to offer them accommodation and relations aimed to develop artistic researches both practical and theoretical. The residency is conceived as a meeting and work place where share ideas and experience.

    The participants will be asked to work on a project proposal produced during the period of residency. The project proposal will be presented at the conclusion of their staying during the Open Studio day.
    At the beginning of the residency residents will introduce themselves with an informal presentation of their previous activities and works.

    Moreover, participants are invited to spend some days at the mountain shelter Marco Balicco (Azzaredo Alps) and reflect on the concepts of “Movement” and “Trench”.
    2 artists/curators, who will share accommodation, studio, kitchen and bathroom, will be selected.

    Eligibility: the program is open to artists or curators at any stage of their career, specialized in visual arts, photography, film & video, media arts.

    Location: The Blank Residency. Via Quarenghi 50, Bergamo, Italia. Rifugio Marco Balicco, Alpe Azzaredo, Monte Azzaredo

    Language: Italian/English/French/Spanish

    Disciplines: Visual Arts, Photography, Video, Installation.

    Paid by Host: 400 € each, accommodation, studio space and internet wifi.

    Paid by Artist/Curator: travel, working materials, food and personal expenses during the residency.

    Duration: from 18th October to 20th November 2016

    Deadline for applications: 30th July 2016

    The selections will be announced by 26th August 2016 through a dedicated newsletter.

    11.02.15 - 11.30.15
    From 2nd to 30th November

    Artists in residence: Elida Brenna Linge (Norway), Roberto Fassone (Italy)

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    Project Proposal Residency is an artist residency project.

    The purpose of the project is to give hospitality to Italian and international artists for a short/medium period and offer them accommodation and relations aimed to develop artistic researches both practical and theoretical. The residency is conceived as a meeting and work place where share ideas and experiences. The artists in residence will be asked to work on a project proposal which will be produced during their staying and to share it with The Blank. The project proposal will be presented at the conclusion of the residency during the Open Studio day.

    Artists BIOS
    Elida Brenna Linge (1982) is a Norwegian artist whose body of work spans installations, objects, drawings, artist books, photography and video. The last few years her practice has been rooted in her present location – the family farm in a fjord in western Norway. Her work is an ongoing investigation of structures, both physical and semantical, and aspects of control, intention and the lack thereof.
    She received her MFA from The Bergen National Academy of the Arts (2010), in 2015 she finished a two year long cooperation with Andreas Siqueland, a residential art project located on the farm, with the exhibition Winterstudio/Hansplassen at KUBE, Ålesund. Other recent exhibitions include A Gust of Wind at DNA Art Space, London Ontario (CA) and SALE as a part of the Manifesta 10 parallel programme in St.Petersburg (RU). Her work is currently being screened by the Walter Phillips Gallery as a part of the Video Art @ The Banff Centre series.

    Roberto Fassone (1986) makes works that explore and question the processes and the strategies regulating the production of contemporary artworks.
    In 2012 he created sibi, an instructions generator for the production of potential artworks.
    In 2014 he presented Jeg Er Enorme Jævler, a 90 minute movie in two parts and a performance.
    He has exhibited and performed at Carroll/Fletcher, London, ZHdK, Zurich, MARS Gallery, Melbourne, MAMbo, Bologna among many others. He was part of the Jury Selection of the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival and he has been recently selected for the Live Work Performance Act Award in Fies (Dro, TN).


    The Blank Hospitality
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    The Blank offers to all art lovers, creatives and cultural operators the chance to spend a stay in Bergamo with a special hospitality at The Blank’s residence, located in via Quarenghi 50, two minutes far from the train station and from the very central via XX Settembre.

    The Blank is a cultural association, made of people who work with contemporary art. Upon request, the association can make available art operators, curators and artists to allow you to discover Bergamo in a unique way. A specialized team will be available to plan the best itinerary according to your cultural interests.

    The Blank Hospitality is part of the project Art in Network, created in partnership with the association That’s Contemporary and developed in the context of the project fUNDER35 by Fondazione Cariplo.

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    APPARATUS 22 and DARIO BITTO are the artists of the IV edition of Project Proposal Residency


    AAPPARATUS 22 is a multidisciplinary art collective initiated in January 2011 in Bucharest, Romania by current members Erika Olea (b. 1982, Bucharest), Maria Farcas (b. 1977, TarguMures), Dragos Olea (b. 1979, Bucharest) and late artist Ioana Nemes (1979, Bucharest – 2011, NY).
    The configuration of the collective now working both in Bucharest and Brussels started to take shape during a IASPIS residency in Stockholm, fall 2010.

    The collective participated in exhibitions and festivals at MUMOK, Viena (AT), Museion, Bolzano (IT), Brukenthal Museum Contemporary Art Gallery, Sibiu (RO), MAK, Viena (AT), SteirischerHerbst, Graz (AT), Drodesera Festival, Dro (IT), Young Artists Biennial, Bucharest (RO), AkademieSchloss Solitude, Stuttgart (DE), Gyeonggi Creation Center (KR), Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest (RO), TIME MACHINE BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART, D-0 ARK UNDERGROUND, Konji (BIH), TRAFO Gallery, Budapest (HU), Future Gallery, Prague (CZ), Oberwelt, Stuttgart (DE), Ujazdowski Castle – Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (PL), WürttembergischerKunstverein Stuttgart (DE), Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC), Bucharest (RO), GaleriaNicodim, Bucharest (RO), Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (NL), KunstMuseum Linz (AT), Osage Foundation (Hong Kong), etc. The work of the collective was exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia 2013, Romanian Official Representation. Apparatus 22 is the winner of the “BIVACCOURBANO_R RESIDENCY 2015” grant for artistic research and residency offered by ProgettoDiogene in Turin.

    DARIO BITTO was born in Messina in 1989. He works currently between Milan and Pordenone. He is the promoter of project Agreements To Zinedine developed to Galleries and Artists to Milan.

    2009 / 2012 Academy Fine Arts, Palermo
    2013 / 2016 Academy Fine Arts of Brera, Milan
    2016 Contemporany Art Markets at NABA, Milan

    Selected Exhibition
    2015 _ Academy Awards 2015, powered by Viafarini, Milan
    2015_ Sometimes She Prays, during Festival Studi, powered by La Cattedrale Studio,
    2014 _ ILOVEDAIELBUREN, curated by Tile Project Space, Milan
    2014_ Open Studios, The Spring Awakening during Miart Fair, Academy Fine Arts of
    Brera, Milan
    2014 _ Open Studio: Il sogno di mia zia (e non perché io non ne abbia), Milan
    2013 _ Percorsi e Intenti: Marra, Monforte San Giorgio/Messina
    2012 _ The Next Stop, Academy Fine Arts, Palerm

    Project Proposal II - 2014
    Project Proposal II - 2014
    04.07.14 - 05.18.14

    Jan Kaesbach / statement and biography

    Jan Kaesbach lives and works in Frankfurt. Recently he has finished his studies in Fine Art at the Ruskin, University of Oxford with distinction, being top of his year. As a student he showed his work at the University Club, Oxford; The Other Art Fair, London; MOLT Gallery, St Anne’s College among other places. He was an Assistant to the artists/photographers Justin Coombes and Tom Hunter. Completing his studies he was awarded the Kevin Slingsby price and selected for the Plaform Graduate Scheme. In July 2013 he participated in the Deutsche Börse Residency Program at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany. In Dec 2013 he was shortlisted for an artist scholarship by the City of Frankfurt, decision pending.

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    Christian Fogarolli / statement and biography

    The path and the work of Christian Fogarolli are characterized by a strong interest in the individual and collective identity systems, investigated through different perspectives and through frequent archival research. The artworks can be contextualized within a study on image and object perception in relation to subjectivity, probing ties with the abnormality and deviance. They pose questions about the abundance of images that we have and the use we offer them.

    Christian Fogarolli was born in Trento in 1983. He obtained in 2010 the Master Inside the image: study, diagnosis and restoration of antique, modern and contemporary paintings at the University of Verona and graduated the following year in Management and Conservation of Cultural Heritage. He has exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
    In 2012 he was selected for dOCUMENTA (13) for the research project Lost identities, exhibited in The Worldly House; in 2013 he exhibited in La Magnifica Ossessione at the Mart in Rovereto. His works are in private and public collections including the Maison Rouge Antoine de Galbert in Paris, the AGI Collection and the Benetton Foundation.

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