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    [= GROUP ===== SHOW ======= COPPER ==== MARBLE ===== COTTON ==]
    10.20.18 - 12.01.18

     20/10/2018 – 01/12/2018
    Opening: Saturday 20th October 2018, 2.30 p.m.
    Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2.00 -7.00 p.m. 

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    Thomas Brambilla Gallery is pleased to present “Copper, Marble, Cotton”, a curated group show with works by three American fellow-artists; Lynda Benglis, David Novros and Joe Zucker. The exhibition examines the choice, by each of the above-mentioned artists, of specific traditional materials for both their cultural associations and formal properties, enlightening also the significance role of traditional and concrete materials in the currently contemporary art.

    Starting from the Sixties, the importance of materials has been re-evaluated by the critics, leading also to an expansion of the concept of Art itself. For the first time, material gained ascendancy over form. Only during the Seventies, the attention has been directed increasingly towards text written and pictorial documents as means of expression, while in the Eighties, artists went back to the balance of material and form. From the Nineties, however, the possibilities of digital technology led to a reduction in the importance of traditional and concrete materials. Nowadays the trend seems to have changed and the critics praise the generation of artists, such as Benglis, Novros and Zucker –and many more-, to whom the aspect of materiality has always been a key concept in their poetics, although each of them has dealt with it and integrated in their practices differently.

    Benglis, Novros and Zucker tried to overcome the Minimalism’s break with unconventional formats of paintings and sculptures, investigating new limits and re-elaborating the classical tradition in the making of art. They believed that the chosen material should govern the character of the artwork and they thought in a more expanded sense of “technique”, which could encompassed the processes’ of the artist himself. The artists invited to participate at “Copper, Marble, Cotton” focus on the characteristics and the evocative power of such diverse materials as marble, copper and cotton.

    Departing from the non-traditional art material which dominate contemporary art, the brand new series of marble sculptures by Lynda Benglis is a continuation of her ongoing embrace of the natural qualities of her various media. The sculptures’ surfaces recall the fitful undulations and the theatricality of the ancient Greek statues’ draperies but also her ongoing projects on Baroque fountains. This effect is amplified by Benglis’ specific choice and use of different colored marbles.

    David Novros began his series of Coppers when he lived in the desert of New Mexico in the Eighties. Novros focused his artistic research on Medieval and Native American art, searching for peculiar primordial shapes and natures and absorbing the fascination for how the materials and colors could affect his practice. To create the Coppers’ works, Novros used line charge explosive; firstly, he taped it down to the surface, following the roughly drawing, and then detonated it. The result is a controlled explosion of shapes and swellings, to whom he after soldered some old gold-mining pans and finally painted in gold and enamel paint.

    Joe Zucker, one of America’s most innovative artists, has always experimented with what has become his signature technique: gluing cotton balls to canvas in a gridded arrangement and painting over them. Resulting in a highly textured surface reminiscent of antique Mosaics in Ravenna, this technique radically transforms the surface of the canvas and challenges the “flatness”. His imagery is often related, in some way, to the materials and processes, for example the series’ with cotton plantation imagery executed in cotton balls rolled in paint.

    Lynda Benglis (1941, Lake Charles) is an American artist best known for her use of poured sculptural forms made from wax, latex, metal, and foam. In addition to sculpture, Benglis works in video and photography, and has used media interventions (such as a well-known ad placed in Artforum in 1974, showing the artist nude with a dildo between her legs) to explore notions of power and gender relations.
    Benglis’ work is in extensive public collections including: Guggenheim Museum; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Modern Art, New York; The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Lynda Benglis lives and works in New York, Santa Fe and Ahmedabad, India.

    An original member of Park Place, the historic New York artist collective, David Novros (1941, Los Angeles) is well known for his large, abstract paintings on irregularly shaped, multipaneled canvases.
    Novros has exhibited in several prominent venues, including: the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Dallas Museum of Fine Art in Dallas, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the Bremen Museum of Modern Art in Bremen, Germany.

    Joe Zucker (b. 1941, Chicago), throughout his extensive career, has exhibited alongside artists such as Agnes Martin and Brice Marden at the pioneering Bykert Gallery in the 1960s, and later with dealer Holly Solomon, who was well known for her support of new and experimental mediums, including the New Image and Pattern and Decoration movements to which Zucker belonged.
    Zucker’s works is included in extensive public collections: The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, The New Museum in New York, The New York Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, The Tel Aviv Museum in Israel, The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many others.

    [= LORENZO === SENNI ======= CANONE === INFINITO =]

    Canone Infinito
    Sound installation by Lorenzo Senni
    Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII (piazza OMS 1), Bergamo
    Opening: Tuesday 20 November 2018, h. 11.30 am – 1.30 pm

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    The Blank TR - Transit Message Pavilion
    [=== The = Blank = TR ====== Transit == Message === Pavilion =]
    09.02.18 - 09.04.18
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    The Blank TR – Transit Message Pavilion | 2 3 4 September 2018

    THE BLANK TR PAVILION, Beyond Words, ArtSpace Tel Aviv | 2 3 4 September 2018
    three days of talks, workshops, performances about art and the meaning of communication.
    Curated by Olga Vanoncini, Claudia Santeroni

    [= JONAS === MEKAS ====== PERSONALE ==]
    03.10.18 - 04.15.18

    Palazzo della Ragione, Città Alta – Bergamo
    Opening: Friday 9th March 2018, h. 6.30pm
    10 March – 15 April 2018


    March 9: 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm
    March 10 – April 15: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm

    March 19, 20, 26, 27 – April 3, 9, 10

    Cinema San Marco
    Piazzale della Repubblica 2, Bergamo
    Saturday 10 March, h. 3.30 pm

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    On the occasion of the 36th edition of the Festival, The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting dedicate the section “Incontri: Cinema e Arte Contemporanea” to Jonas Mekas (Lithuania, 1922), poet, artist and director, founder of the New American Cinema Group and creator of the Anthology Film Archive.
    The artist will be the protagonist of “Jonas Mekas – Personale“, promoted by the City of Bergamo and organized by The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting.
    Sebastian Mekas, son of Jonas, will meet the audience of the Festival at Cinema San Marco on Saturday 10th March at 3.30 pm after the projection of “Outtakes” (2012) and the documentary film “The Internet Saga, Jonas Mekas” (2015) and will bring a special message from Jonas.

    The exhibition “Jonas Mekas – Personale”, curated by Stefano Raimondi and Claudia Santeroni, sees the transformation of the exhibition environment into a place where, thanks to an engaging set-up, some of the artist’s most significant films coexist with images of a more cinematic nature.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is realized in the renovated venue of Palazzo della Ragione: the exhibition compares itself with the historical building and exploits its new exhibition possibilities, specially designed for this place.

    The exhibition aims to present the complexity of the means of expression chosen by Jonas Mekas, a versatile artist with eclectic interests. The double screening of the video “Seasons” (2017) dominates the room: a video composed of fragments of his entire cinematographic production.
    The frames taken from the artist’s video works, impressed on the glass plates, belong to the series “In an Instant It All Came Back to me”, while the photographs of “Birth of a Nation” are extracts from his famous 1997 film of the same name. The photographic section is completed by “To New York with Love”, the series of images dedicated to the city that has been the stage of Mekas’ work.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is permeated by a track composed by the artist, which acts as a background to the entire exhibition: the musical aspect has been maintained in relation to the artist’s history, that reminds how the singing has always been part of his life since his childhood. To conclude the exhibition, an island dedicated to the publications by Mekas, freely available to the public to offer a unique opportunity to enter the artist’s collection, including “My Night Life” where the artist, faithful to his biographical style, narrates his dreams made between 1978 and 1979, asking his friend Auguste to illustrate them.

    “Jonas Mekas – Personale” is promoted by the City of BergamoBergamo Film Meeting and The Blank and it is made possible thanks to the indispensable support of A Palazzo Gallery (Brescia), Francesco Urbano Ragazzi and Studio Luca Bombassei.

    [== OPEN ==== CALL ==== PREMIO ==== MATTEO == OLIVERO ===]

    Premio Matteo Olivero
    40th edition
    Remembering memory
    Competition notice 

    The Blank Contemporary Art has been assigned by Fondazione Amleto Bertoni, in collaboration with the project coordinators Paolo Infossi and Roberto Giordana, to organise the 40th edition of Premio Matteo Olivero.

    The 40th edition of Premio Matteo Olivero, hosted by Comune di Saluzzo (CN), invites Italian and international artists through an open call, without any limits of age and expressive means, to present released or unreleased artworks in order to design a solo show on the main theme of memory. The winner will hold an exhibition at the prestigious Cavassa Chapel, a Renaissance hall in the cloister of St. Giovanni monastery, renowned for its great historical and artistic value.

    The curator of the 40th edition of Premio Matteo Olivero is Stefano Raimondi, Director of The Blank and curator of GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, who succeed the previous curators Anna Daneri and Ettore Favini.

    The jury committee is composed by internationally renowned curators, whose names will be announced after the deadline for the submission of applications, and by members of the Fondazione Amleto Bertoni and the city council of Saluzzo.

    The jury committee will choose the best project at its own discretion and it will award a prize of Euro 5.000,00, for the realization the exhibition, to the artist or the artistic collective who presented it.


    20 March 2018 Application sending deadline
    27 April 2018 Exhibition opening
    Participation in the call is free of charge.
    Interested parties can join the contest by sending their applications (artist CV, project, portfolio and application form) at premiomatteoolivero@gmail. com.

    Please view the full announcement and all the attachments (historical description, planimetry and photos).

    Info: Fondazione Amleto Bertoni, The Blank Contemporary Art
    Phone: 017543527, 035 19903477
    Email: eventi@fondazionebertoni.it, premiomatteoolivero@gmail.com
    Web: www.fondazionebertoni.it, www.theblank.it

    [== SIMON === LINKE ======== SOLO = SHOW ===]
    02.24.18 - 04.06.18

    24/02/2018 – 06/04/2018
    Opening: sabato 24 febbraio 2018, h. 6.30 pm
    Opening hours: Tue – Sat, h. 2.00-7.00 pm
    Via Casalino 25, Bergamo
    tel. +39 035 247418

        [== LINK ==]

    Thomas Brambilla Gallery is proud to present the solo show of Simon Linke, premiering on Saturday February 24 th , 2018, at 6.30 PM.

    Slightly smaller than one of Artfor um ‘s full – page ads, Simon Linke’s paintings corrupt the clean graphic layout of their source through a full – on indulgence in an excess of oil paint. Replicating the ads as faithfully as possible while wrangling a robust, fluid material within an almost com ically limiting surface area, Linke’s paintings exist as a near – perfect contradiction between boldly expressed market confidence and an artist’s potential alienation from the pressures t o produce a consistent product.

    Arresting Artforum ‘s iconic monthly bu lletins announcing the “new” in a relief of thickly applied paint, Linke’s paintings express the ideal of stability where there is none, flipping the temporal nature of an exhibition notice on its head. Focusing largely on recognizable blue chip artists an d galleries, the paintings’ compact size and precise articulation offer an ironic contrast to the overwhelming scale and volume of the contemporary art marke t from which their subjects are derived.

    More recently focusing on ads featuring paintings, which b ecome paintings of ads, Linke channels his enthusiasm for the medium of paint through the discipline of a working within predetermined surface area, where the “natural” boundaries of his compositions reveal staging mechanisms of contemporary art that are o ften hidden in plain sight. When looked at as a decade’s long project, which functions as an informal archive, Simon Linke’s work offers a refreshing sense of historicism often lost in the collective pressure to focus on the “next big thing”.

    Simon Linke’s recent exhibitions include Karsten Schubert, London, and Mireille Mosler in New York. He has been the subject of numerous international exhibitions including Le Consortium, Dijon in 2004 and his works are represented in a number of public collection s including Tate Gallery, London and FRAC Limousin, France. He currently lives and works in London.

    [== THE === BLANK == AT = BAF ===== BERGAMO ==== ARTE == FIERA = 2018 =]
    01.13.18 - 01.15.18
        [== LINK ==]

    THE BLANK AT BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera
    13th – 15th January 2018

    From Saturday 13 to Monday 15 January, the fair centre hosts the 14th BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera edition.

    The fair, promoted by Ente Fiera Promoberg, is consolidated as an important art event, under the artistic direction of Sergio Radici.

    For three days BAF will bring in the orobic main town a selection of works of historical galleries linked to the modern art world and contemporary art galleries, with proposals related to new tendencies and emerging artists. The richness of themes, without any division in sectors, allows the public to explore the different souls of the Art of 20th century and the current production.

    The Blank takes part in BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera in the Press section.

    The stand will be dedicated to Jonas Mekas (Lithuania, 1922), poet, artist and director, founder of the New American Cinema Group and creator of the Anthology Film Archive. The artist will be the protagonist of “Jonas Mekas – Personale“, that will take place from 10 March to 15 April 2018 in the renovated venue of Palazzo della Ragione, Città Alta. The exhibition, promoted by the City of Bergamo, is organized by The Blank and Bergamo Film Meeting.

    14th edition BAF – Bergamo Arte Fiera
    Mostra mercato d’arte moderna e contemporanea

    13th – 14th January: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm
    15th January: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

    Fiera di Bergamo, via Lunga – Bergamo
    Entrance: 10 euro – Parking: 3 euro

    [= ON ====== OFF ===== THE ==== NEW == URBAN == SHOW ===]
    12.06.17 - 02.06.18


    Opening: Wednesday 6 December, h. 6:30 – 9:00 pm
    6 December 2017 – 6 February 2018
    Via San Tomaso 92, 24121 Bergamo
    Tel. +39 035 0602882, +39 338. 4035761

        [== LINK ==]


    Traffic Gallery is proud to present large format artworks within On / Off exhibition. Eight internationally renowned artists who act since te beginning in the urban culture world. For each artist in alphabetical order we report some of the most important recent events; through wall painting, public installations, excellent collaborations, awards and museum exhibitions, the capacity of the urban world
    introduce itself in all its possible artistic declinations.

    Andreco (from Rome) : fresh about his recent great work of public art in Venice entitled CLIMATE 04 See Level Rise, and winner of the special Talent Prize award for which he will exhibit the next 12 December at Museo Macro in Rome.

    Giorgio Bartocci (from Milano) : a tireless urban painter and spokesperson of liquid society theory he has recently collaborated with Nike global brand, a project of art custom for NIKE AF1 NBA.

    Btoy (from Barcelona) : recently included in the Book Street Art & Cinema curated by Stéphanie Martin Petit & Christian Omodeo for the prestigious parisian publishing house Pyramyd.

    Eron (from Rimini) : currently engaged in Milan for the mural art work W.A.L.L. (Walls Are Love’s Limits) inside CityLife district. A wall 118 meters long and 8 meters high near Milan City Fair. We also recall the beatiful mural made for the Musei Civici of Modena at Palazzo Santa Chiara during last September.

    Lucamaleonte (from Rome) : a leading artist for the exhibition Cross the Streets at Macro Museum in Rome for the 40 years of the street and writing scene. He realized inside the Museum a spectacular wall painting entitled Mucchio di Fagiani.

    M-city (from Poland) : his recent public art installation for the polish Festival Open City 2017 is aesthetically and conceptually very interesting. Pomnik Konny, an orange infatable equestrian statue which breathingair like a lung, rising and falling continually to remind us of the fate that most of the monuments suffer due to historical and political changes.

    Nemo’s (from Nowhere) : his name is comparable to a contemporary Ulysses, he is irreverent and profane. He has no identity, he is no one, indeed he does not belong to anyone. He does not have a biography and we will not say anything about his recent works. But we know that most of you have clear in their mind his unpolitically-correct creations.

    Orticanoodles (from Milano) : a special note goes to the project that sees them involved ORME – Ortica Memoria, the first district museum where the history of the ‘900 is painted on the walls. Between 2017 and 2019 twenty mural works will be planned and four of them are already realized, obviously wthin Ortica district in Milan.

    12.02.17 - 12.23.17

    Opening: Saturday 2 december, h. 6.00 pm
    from 2 to 23 december 2017
    Via Moroni, 16 24121 Bergamo
    ph. +39 347 2415297
    tue – sat 16.00-19.30 | Sunday and Monday by appointment

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    [== THE === BLANK === RESIDENCY == OPEN ==== STUDIO ==== IRENE = FENARA === YASEN === VASILEV ==]
        [== LINK ==]

    In the context of The Blank Residency, on Saturday 18th November 2017 from h. 4.00 p.m., The Blank invites to the Open Studio, last appointment of the fifth edition of Project Proposal Residency, that has seen as protagonists the artists Irene Fenara and Yasen Vasilev.

    On the occasion of the Open Studio, the artists will present the works and project proposals realized on the territory. This final phase brings together the proposals born at the same time as the permanence and the incentives related to the territory.

    The Open Studio will be kindly hosted by Spazio Giacomo of Accademia di belle arti G. Carrara (Via G. Quarenghi, 33 – Bergamo).

    Project Proposal Residency is a project of artist residence, for Italian and foreign artists with the aim to offer occasions to develop personal artistic researches, both practical and theoretical.

    Thanks to Accademia di belle arti G. Carrara.

    With the contribution of Regione Lombardia.

    The project is realized in the context of AIR tour, a project born from the partnership between AIR – artinresidence / FARE and The Blank Contemporary Art, in collaboration with the Cultural District of Valle Camonica, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo.

    ©THE BLANK 2018